Sparks Gallery ~ Featured Venue


I had the opportunity to visit a new San Diego Venue located in the historic Gaslamp District yesterday. I had no idea what an amazing venue I was about to set my eyes on. My measly six photos below can’t do it justice, so please visit the gallery when you have the opportunity.

A few other tidbits you may find interesting…I know I did!

• The gallery can support a WHOPPING 348 guest list for a stand-up reception
• There is a built in wet bar with warming drawers and dishwasher among other amenities. A beverage service’s dream!
• The caterer has its own enclosed patio with POWER
• You can chose your own caterer and bring in your own alcohol! Win-win!
• The price is right
• It’s downright gorgeous

Need more? Want more?

I cannot wait to work at San Diego’s newest venue. Perfect for the modern wedding or event!