Francine Ribeau

Francine San Diego Wedding PlannerFrancine is known to possess a rare mix of talents that helps couples express their own unique vision and personal style. By offering couples sound advice on traditional and contemporary trends, providing creative and innovative solutions on budgeting concerns, and committing to the highest level of customer service, couples can rest assured that Francine will ensure that they will have the most memorable day of their lives. She promises an emotionally-fulfilling and worry-free event so they can spend their wedding day celebrating their love for each other and connecting with friends and family.

The foundation of Francine Ribeau Events is Francine’s neo-traditional style of wedding planning. Weddings tend to be very traditional in terms of style, formality and attitude. Francine believes that today’s couples are questioning why these traditions are so important and what it means for them. She finds that most brides and grooms she works with have decided to challenge the norm and wish to create a wedding that is an authentic representation of their own personal style. By weaving a thoughtful blend of beloved tradition and inventive individuality and by combining time-honored customs with expressive creativity, new traditions for the modern couple are formed. This new adaptation of traditional wedding planning creates a memorable event that honors, not only the past and future of the couple, but one that is true to who they are in the present.

Francine Ribeau began in the San Diego wedding industry as a banquet server in 1998. After a combined 9 years in the food and beverage industry, graphic design, marketing and public relations, she founded Francine Ribeau Events in 2007.